Housing First in the UK

30 april, 2019

‘Hoe mooi om te zien dat we anderen kunnen inspireren,’ aldus collega Valerie Boogaard van HVO-Querido. Zij is in het Engelse Devon, waar Shekinah in het stadje Torbay net is begonnen met een Housing First team. ‘Wij hebben iedereen getraind en tools gegeven om het model te kunnen implementeren.’

Hier een paar quotes vanuit Engeland
  • ‘I thought that the training that HVO-Querido offered showed a very real picture of an ideal that I would love to see us achieve.’
  • ‘Very inspiring to find out how housing first has worked in Amsterdam. I have taken a lot of things on board and I’am hopeful we will be able to achieve as much as you. Especially loved the idea of making a celebration of move in day!’
  • ‘Both Valerie and Martin made training very enjoyable and interesting by their approach. I really enjoyed learning about their experience and ideas and hope our new service will be able to share success stories with them.’
Shekinah, Torbay

Shekinah, Torbay

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